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Happy Thanksgiving from What Would You Say

What Would You Say?

Hey everyone, it's Brooke from the What Would You Say team. We're taking a break from our "usual Wednesday programming" to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! We're really grateful for the support and comments and feedback and the video ideas that you've sent us over the last 14 months. And we really hope that, whatever your Thanksgiving looks like this year, that you're able to enjoy the break, to celebrate, to enjoy some good food -- I'm trying out a new baked macaroni and cheese recipe this year, so wish me luck - and remember that even in 2020, we have more to thank God for than we may realize. Something else to keep in mind is that after Thanksgiving, comes Advent! Advent starts this coming Sunday, and in the Christian tradition Advent is a season of reflection and anticipation as we look forward to Christmas. This year, the Colson Center is offering a free Advent e-book that you can access at We’ll put that link down in the description below the video. The e-book includes seven Advent reflections written by our staff that we hope can help you prepare for Christmas. And also, just as a heads up, in a few weeks we're going to be releasing a video answering the question, "is Christmas a pagan holiday and should Christians celebrate it?" So stay tuned! Thanks, everyone! Have a great Thanksgiving!